Don’t Worry Mum, Your Daughter is Graduating

A personal reflection on my academic and professional career in the past few years.

“How are your grades going, Jenny? Will you pass? Please don’t change your degree again,” my mum asks, with a worried face. This is a question that comes up every two weeks or so, especially after my 2nd degree change.

They say that the middle child is the rebellious one. As the middle child, by the Chu’s family standards, I was probably the most rebellious one out of my two brothers. My older brother, in his youth, was obedient and hard-working. Moving from China to Australia at a young age gave him a slow start but through hard work and perseverance, he ended up getting a top ATAR and finished with a Commerce/Law degree , which is a tick in most Asian parents’ books. My little brother, still in high school, is a little lost and demotivated as most 16 year old boys would be about life, but helps around the house. He’s looking to pursue engineering at university, so again, another tick.

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My Experience as a PM Intern at Atlassian

Reposted from Medium in January 2018.

Last year in November, I joined Atlassian as a Product Management intern on the Platform team. The first few months have been a hell of a ride, and evidently, I enjoyed it enough to stay on as an Associate Product Manager. In this blog post, I try to convey a few unique aspects about this crazy tech company that I noticed within the first few months of my time here.

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