Singapore: City of Colour

Favourite moments from my recent Singapore trip.

Singapore was one of those places I might consider visiting if I had a layover, especially with the new billion dollar remake of the aiport. And to be frank, it was never on the top of my travel list. However, I now have family living there (my older brother), and as a graduation trip, I thought it would be nice to spend time with my family so I took my parents and little brother there. We spent most of the trip in Singapore, and escaped to Malaysia for a long weekend.

I didn’t really have many high expectations, nor did I plan much. I knew Singapore was awesome for food, but what else was there? However, I was pleasantly surprised by Singapore. It’s a beautiful city, full of culture and colour as evidenced by the diverse food choices and ornate religious buildings from every religion at every corner. Whether you are just here for a layover, or on a holiday for a couple of days, here are some of my favourite moments from my 5 day trip in Singapore.

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