Who is Jenny Chu?


Some would say that I have an identity crisis – my introduction will change depending on who I am speaking to! During business hours, I would tell you I am currently a Product Manager at Atlassian, working on creating a world-class developer platform (amongst other things). Beyond this, I am also the General Manager at Textbook Ventures, empowering students of today through entrepreneurship. With a strong background in UX design in previous startups and consultancies, I am passionate about creating the best products with awesome experiences for humans just like you and me. 

Outside of office hours, you might find me struggling at a bouldering place, crying at a Pixar movie, fangirling over One Piece, buying excessive stationery, stuffing my face with good food, exploring new places or simply contemplating about life.

Welcome to my little place on the internet where I write about all of the things that pique my interest from food, cultural events, technology, design and general life-related things.